EVITA is a highly immersive training simulator using the power of virtual reality to create hyper realist environments. Filled with many accredited training scenarios, the product allows for complex and multi faceted role-playing resulting in advanced learning outcomes and a more efficient Emergency Services training platform.


One of the most forward thinking Police Forces in the UK, British Transport Police, have already used EVITA in their training programme with great success. The students saw the benefits of using virtual reality training and gave the following responses:-

  • Over 70% feel more confident attending an incident having experienced it in VR.
  • 83% learned new techniques using the EVITA Scenarios, that enabled them to improve their performance.
  • 80% agreed that VR was important to training.


By putting on the virtual reality headset you are instantly transported to new surroundings which are as close to reality as possible-

• Patrol a busy platform on a train station
• Investigate an abandoned building
• Explore a bustling airport terminal
• Search a Premier League football stadium
• Attend a motorway collision.


A call comes in through your police radio to investigate a house where drugs are suspected to be hidden, co-ordinate the evacuation of a people near a growing fire or determine whether a suitcase left behind on a train is an explosive device. 

Your trainees can be tested thoroughly without leaving their office and others can join in with their training remotely, despite being thousands of miles apart.


The instructor can manipulate every aspect of the training, from making changes to the weather conditions to altering the time of day it is, to see how this affects their team’s training.

Even better, the environments are filled with intelligent characters who can interact with what’s happening to your trainees, making each visit to EVITA unique and invaluable.



With highly-realistic environments and radio messages coming through the headset like any other day on the job, this training provides a fully immersive experience that is proven to make professionals more effective in real life situations.


EVITA is an immersive training experience like no other.

From the middle of an abandoned warehouse to a bustling city street, EVITA can take you and your trainee’s anywhere in an instant.

By having regular training sessions with the advanced and unpredictable A.I characters within EVITA, and being reviewed in realtime by trainers, users will learn how to engage in difficult situations with emotional intelligence and confidence.





Train your emergency team in complex real-world scenarios, improving their decision-making, their efficiency & knowledge retention by up to 80% and make significant cost savings whilst standardising your training approach.

EVITA is the UK’s only major incident training platform that fully immerses your trainees in real-world scenarios, improving not just the way they move, but the way they think. Build a stronger & smarter team that’s ready for anything. Leave the classroom behind and step into the new generation of special forces training. Building stronger, more confident first responders in less time, and for less money, your team will never be the same again once they’ve trained with EVITA.



With a catalogue of accredited scenarios, users can train in any environment you can literally think of, from the safety of your own HQ. Highly advanced graphics and audio (recorded or realtime) are used across the environments to ensure that as trainee’s explore their surroundings, they are fully immersed, alert and attentive.


Go anywhere with EVITA.

From the middle of an abandoned warehouse to a bustling city street, EVITA can take you and your trainee’s anywhere in an instant.

And thanks to the development of advanced, unpredictable A.I characters populating the environments, as users explore the scenarios they’ll engage with different civilian characters and behaviours, pushing their learnings to the next level with every visit to EVITA.



Backed by the UK Government as an answer to the challenges of training for the new wave of terrorism threats, EVITA allows dangerous training environments to be undertaken safely and effectively, without the logistical nightmare and enormous cost associated with real life training.

EVITA seamlessly transports users into these realistic environments and scenarios, and puts trainees in situations which get the heart racing and the adrenaline flowing from the safety of their own place of work. Commended for not only its realism but also its affordability and high-level annual content subscription, EVITA is recognised across the sector as the leading way to train the next generation of Emergency Services and related professionals.


Trainees using EVITA will be provided with the latest sector training information, creating a standardised training platform across the workforces.

From how to evacuate a residence next to a growing fire, to how to manage an unstable civilian in a busy street, to performing complex medical surgeries, the wealth of actual real life scenarios is one of the prime reasons why EVITA is so comprehensive for Emergency Services training, and other industries.


Challenge yourself

Using our advanced software, we are pushing the boundaries of VR training; with environments like the unique ‘Crowd Scenario’ where users are faced with swarming crowds and how to deal effectively and calmly in amidst panicked civilians, this training is incredibly vital for the new wave of Officers, and with EVITA, incredibly effective.

A key feature of the software is our ability to design, at speed, bespoke and detailed learning scenarios and environments, whatever situation you need to get your team trained in. Particularly useful in a world where threats can come from anywhere at any time, EVITA is the most reactive and effective training tool there is.


EVITA not only provides industry accredited training scenarios and environments, but gives you the ability to create bespoke situations that match your teams training requirements. With its advanced software, you can create any scenario in a short amount of time, for the most impact in your training.

Our fantastic art department can reproduce any physical space into a virtual environment for people to explore.
For forensic or specialist instructions we can ensure precise accuracy of models within a 3mm precision using the latest LIDAR laser scanners in order to produce an exact copy for you to explore virtually. 


Don’t wait around as your trainees work with EVITA, actively watch and review them as they go.

The unique ‘review’ aspect of EVITA allows trainers and trainees to watch as the users take part in any chosen scenario, particularly useful when addressing health and safety concerns in the virtual world, where participants can assess, react and learn in complete safety.

Not only does this provide reactive critiques, but gives trainers the unique chance to teach trainees en masse as individual users navigate the system, ensuring they correct any issues then and there, and explain the theory behind this to the team.

Not only is this a more reactive way of teaching and critiquing, but a far more efficient way for your trainees to learn from you too.


Our talented team of experienced developers have pushed the boundaries of software development to create the most realistic and user friendly virtual reality training simulator currently available.

#1 - Hyper-Real VR Simulation with real-time, ray traced, globally illuminated environments

Super-fast, super optimised core rendering technology transplanted from bleeding edge 3D gaming technologies. Enhanced further using fully real-time, ray traced and globally illuminated environments for the ultimate realism. Every pixel is lit based on real world photon physics from hundreds of direct and indirect light sources, just as it would in the physical world.  Light rays bend, reflect, refract, bounce and scatter around the virtual world making EVITA a simulation unlike anything ever seen before it.